About Us

Larry A. Bain, DC, is a locally situated clinic that has established itself within the local region as being a dependable center for holistic healing and release from inveterate back pain and spinal injury and illnesses arising from issues relating to spinal and nervous system conditions.

Our chiropractors are professionally licensed doctors of chiropractic (DC) and are expert in all aspects and disciplines of the chiropractic profession.

Some of our patients have been coming to see us over several years and have introduced other members of their family to us. So while we do manage a varied practice and attend to a large range of demands from personal injury, to occupational therapy and sports therapy, we do view ourselves as a family focused practice in which we value the relationships that we cultivate with our clients and patients and we take immense satisfaction and delight in observing one case after another outcome in better health and in some cases even life altering progress and healing of conditions that were beforehand considered to be nothing more than a far-off hope.

If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you’re living in our neighborhood and are perhaps pursuing or considering the services of a dependable and professional chiropractor.
We can reassure you that a single call to us at Larry A. Bain, DC will begin to put your mind at rest and we will look forward to getting acquainted with you better and to help and support you in arriving at a remedy to superior health through our specialist chiropractic care.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, proficiency and professionalism and the fact that a great deal of our clientele of patients comes from referrals from family, friends and business colleagues. Many of our patients have been on our list of clients for extended periods of time and they keep returning to us and referring us for a very simple reason and that is that we take care of them with paramount care and attention and we are wholly focused on getting them back to the best possible health and mobility as soon as is practically and physically possible.

We don’t talk “at” our patients, we talk with them and we know how imperative it is to have empathy and understanding of their requirements and condition and concerns.

While we have posted some of our patient testimonials within this site, they are by and large only small excerpts of what we have received unsolicited at our clinic and you can see fuller testimonials upon going to our clinic. Lots of new patients have told us that to be able to hear some of the heart warming tales of recovery and renewed vitality was one of the things that made them feel most secure about being in the proper hands.

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