What is a Chiropractor?

What is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a health care specialist that treats back and neck pain, strains, joint problems, sprained muscles, osteoarthritis, slipped discs and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Although many people think chiropractors to simply be a sort of therapist, a chiropractor is in fact a qualified doctor and has to go through rigorous schooling and years of examinations discipline of medicine called “chiropractics” in order to become a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.).

Chiropractic science was established by a Canadian born doctor by the name of Dr. Palmer. In 1895 he put the vertebrae of a deaf patient’s back into position and straight away thereafter the man’s hearing happened to improve. This confirmed doctor Palmer’s speculation that if the spine is in correct alignment then the nerve functions of the entire body work correctly and cordially with the end result being that the body will be liberated of disease. This was the commencement of Chiropractic science and it is by and large because of Dr. Palmer’s diligent and dedicated work in the research and practice of chiropractic that the science grew to turn into an important advancement in medical science and healing therapy.

One of the major things that sets the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) aside from a traditional doctor (MD) is that they do not use drugs or surgery to cure their patients. Regardless of this fact, the title “doctor” is very fitting because the vital knowledge of the human physical structure and musculoskeletal system is intense and it plays a more critical role in the fundamental well being and health of human beings than could probably be described in any brief dialogue or explanation of the area of practice.

Many chronic back pain sufferers opt to seek out the services of a chiropractor following years of pain, drug and radiation therapy and occasionally surgery as they have either lost faith in traditional medicine or arrived at a point in which they realize that a cure lies in the cure of the source cause of the ailment and not just a treatment of the effects from the ailment.

Often times the patient will be relieved very early on in the chiropractic treatment process equally from a physical pain point of view as well as a substantial improvement to finances as a product of the natural remedial processes and absence of necessity for hospitalization.
When a patient has gone through months or years of conventional medical treatment of ailments that are backbone related and then has finally come to welcome the opportunity presented by chiropractic healing, they frequently state that they wish they had seized the more natural chiropractic route much sooner or even immediately. That being said, often patients that have been admitted to a hospital as a result of injury and are really not conscious of the relevance of chiropractic and the availability that they have to it. For persons fortunate enough to either have sufficient facts or intuition to ask about alternate options or in circumstances that an attending medical doctor is well informed of the relevant benefits then the early application of chiropractic can create an immense difference to the patient’s healing process and recovery.

Some of the most common causes of back pain and spinal misalignment are occupation, poor posture, exertions, injuries, age and just plain old exhaustion. Whilst chiropractic treatment is frequently identified with spinal troubles and disorders, it is also extremely effective in the elimination of persistent head aches and chronic migraine plus neck problems, hearing, balance and many other conditions that a qualified DC could help you to identify.

A basic principle of Chiropractic is that any nerve anomalies within the spinal cord will eventually have effect on the brain and consequence of this could have a correlating effect on other parts of the body through the interconnectedness of the central nervous system.
Consequently, when the chiropractic doctor treats the patient through direct and precise manipulation of the spine to free it up from contortion and misalignment then the subsequent result is a freely flowing nervous system that supports overall bodily functions and universal health and balance.

Chiropractors are trained to deftly use their hands to give effect to the different manipulative chiropractic techniques. A chiropractor may even use the application of ice or heat to relieve the injury.

There is a universal conception amongst doctors of chiropractic and its many beneficiaries of healing and restored health that chiropractic is the science of bodily balance through correct vertebral alignment and good back health.

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